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Stair cleaning


Stepping into a clean and fresh stairwell is a wonderful feeling, both for those who live in the property but also for visitors. A clean stairwell not only keeps dirt and germs away, but also increases comfort.

For visitors, the stairwell is what gives the first impression, and of course it should be a positive impression. In a property where companies have premises and offices, there may be potential customers entering, then it is very important that the first impression is positive.

With our stair cleaning, we create a clean and fresh environment that provides the conditions for increased well-being.

Complete stair cleaning

We offer a complete and efficient stair cleaning in Skåne that gives a sparkling clean result. The cleaning of stairwells is somewhat different from both home cleaning and office cleaning.

In a stairwell, turnover is high, people come and go frequently. This in turn contributes to the formation of a lot of dirt at the same time as bacilli attach to the surfaces.

Cleaning stairwells therefore requires great accuracy and high-quality products, which is something that we at Ren Fröjd possess. We perform stair cleaning all over Scania and the process is carried out based on the customer's wishes.

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